Frequently asked questions

How many classes can I make up in a session?

Families can make up two classes per session. Make up classes can NOT extend into the next session. They need to be made up during the current 10-week session.

How do I make up a class?

You can find the "Makeup" button on our homepage. There will be a list of current classes and locations on this page where families can attend their makeup class. There is no need to call or sign up-just show up to any of those classes on the schedule.

My older child is home from school. Can I bring them to a class?

We love to have older siblings attend a class with their families. We know they are listening to our music too and want to see what we do in a Makin’ Music class. Please do not bring a sick child to the class. There is no charge as long as this courtesy is not abused.

What if the weather is bad and schools are closed?

Families can check the website if the weather is threatening after 8:00 am. If classes are cancelled that will be noted on the homepage. Families can also email Jody at jody.weaver2@verizon.net if they have any questions or concerns about attending a class. If classes are cancelled due to increment weather, families can makeup that class at their convenience in addition to the two makeup classes in the Makin’ Music policy.

Is it okay to bring out of town guests to a class such as visiting grandparents?

We love to have extended family members attend a class with their families. Please let your teacher know if they need a chair and we welcome them to join our circle of musical fun.

How can I pay for a Makin’ Music class?

We accept credit cards and checks. If families prefer to pay by check they can either mail it or bring it to the first class. Families still need to register online if paying by check.

If I register late for a session, are classes prorated?

Registrations are accepted up till week five. Once classes are full no exceptions will be made to “squeeze” in additional families, so it is recommended to register early to guarantee families get in the class of their choice. If registering late families will be receive a prorated fee. Registrations will not be accepted after week five.

Is there a different CD for each session?

Makin’ Music writes and records most of their music. We are on a three-year rotation so families could come for three years and receive a different CD each session. We have won national awards for our music!


-Please do not bring toys and “special lovies” into a class. We use many different instruments and props during our 45 minutes together and we want little hands free so they can enjoy the full experience. -Too much chatter (during the songs) between adults is distracting to the children and the teacher. We welcome families and friends to join classes together, however our purpose is to allow you and your child to have some musical fun together. The more you participate the more fun you and your child will have together. May we suggest you plan after class activities with other families. -Please do not bring food or drinks to class. There are so many families dealing with all kinds of allergy issues and MM has made sure we are able to give them the same experience as every family during their 45 minutes with us. Please leave food and drinks in the car. Of course, water is fine. -The more you participate in class the more involved your child will be. Your musical talent does not matter. If you are not participating or you are socializing with your neighbor, your child will lose interest. So, clap your hands, wave your arms, and sing loud! This is great fun!! Relax and enjoy yourself!!! -Allow your child to participate in the way he/she feels the most comfortable. Some children participate actively, while others choose to observe from the safety of their caretaker’s lap. Both are quite normal and whatever they choose is right for them. If you have an active child let them dance and move around freely (we do discourage outright running). The room is relatively safe. You do not have to chase your child unless you sense trouble. If your child stays on you lap and listens, they are taking it all in. When music is played at home, they will most likely sing, dance and mimic class activities. Most children become used to the class routine in a few weeks.

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