Frequently asked questions

There is no need to have tutorial classes as my child is already doing great in English

Improving school grades is only the minor goal, our mission is to guarantee students that they will:
1. Continually be outstanding in their school grades;
2. Be successful in SSAT/IB assessment;
3. Gain thinking and learning ability

Tutorial classes are only for exam preparation.

Some institute's programs might be exam-oriented, but Sister Sophie provides education in both language and human intelligence. We will lead studends to not only remarkable exam results, but also successful future studies and careers.

My child has already decided to major in a STEM field. Literacy is not an essential skill for him/her

Language is the key and foundation of creativity.

Student's polytechnic skills will also be improved with better logical and creative thinking

We are new comers and my child is still having troubles in school classes even, after graduating from ELS.

Sister Sophie provides ELA Foundation program to students who:

1. Need to quickly adapt to Canadian school studies

2. Establish excellent grammar skills to support reading and writing studies for both native & non-native English speakers